* Above image does not depict family presented in this case study * 

Who is Gemma?

Gemma is 19 and has a troubled family history. Gemma and her partner had a very young baby and were homeless when first referred to the Family First service. Both herself and her partner had struggled with drug misuse, smoking and had been unable to establish a stable family unit for the baby. Gemma was not in education or employment. 

According to Public Health England 2016, Derby has one of the highest under 18 conception rates, which is set to increase further in the future

How did Ripplez help Gemma?

Both Gemma and her partner enthusiastically engaged with the Family First service and quickly built a positive relationship with our public health nurse. Gemma was encouraged and supported in her successful attempts to rebuild relationships with members of her family and was soon able to move into her own flat. After advice and encouragement from our family nurse, Gemma was able to reduce smoking and no longer engages in substance abuse.

Our nurses provide devices that monitor carbon monoxide concentration in smokers and can be used as visual motivation for cutting down and quitting smoking

How are the family now? 

Both parents have continued to work with their family nurse to create a safe environment for their baby, who now has achieved all of her developmental milestones, is growing healthily and is fully immunised. Gemma has begun to focus on her next goal to re-enter education and has developed a strong, loving and dedicated relationship with her baby. 

With help and guidance from our family nurse under the Family First programme, Gemma has built on from a difficult start to establish a safe home for baby and parents, rebuild relationships with family and make new friends through her local children's centre. She has developed and maintained abstinence from substance misuse, reduced smoking, and is working toward achieving her aspirations to re-enter education, find work and continue to be a dedicated mother to her daughter. 

*Names have been changed.