"Creating Space for Change"


Launched in February 2020, Pause Derbyshire works with women who have experienced, or are at risk of, repeated pregnancies that result in children needing to be removed from their care.


What we do:

  • If/when children are removed from their mother’s care, Pause steps in where other professional services need to step back.

  • We offer disadvantaged women 18 months of therapeutic and holistic practitioner-led support to help the women work on areas they themselves feel need development.

  • We can help at-risk women resolve potential psychological and physical health issues, including drug and alcohol dependencies.

  • Through our intense, relationship-based programme, we aim to give women the chance to pause and take control of their lives.


Our Aims:

  • to work with women in a way which addresses all relationships in their lives, both within the family and with professional services.

  • to forge relationships - partnership underpins our work, with the women, with local areas, with policymakers and service providers.

  • to give women the opportunity to pause, to take stock, and to potentially break the cycle of damaging behaviour, destructive coping strategies and repeat pregnancy

  • to understand experiences and help women reach a place where they can accept and come to an understanding of why their children are no longer in their care.


The relationship between the women and their Pause Practitioners helps them find new ways to overcome the problems of the past, meet the challenges of the present and build a better future. 


If you would like to find out more about Pause Derbyshire, or if you would like to contact the Pause team, you can find our Pause referral forms using the links below.


"Our women emerge from our 18 month programme with a heightened sense of self-worth and self-identity"


Why Is It Important?:

  • We want to reduce the number of children experiencing traumatic childhoods and who subsequently need to be introduced into the care system.

  • The Pause Programme offers our clients the opportunity to achieve the happy and fulfilled life they are entitled to.

  • The women we work with access multiple services throughout their lives, all of which, naturally, come at a cost. Pause addresses this issue by giving women at risk of repeated pregnancies the chance to take a breath and take control of their lives.                                                            

The Rewards:

‘One of the most rewarding aspects of my work is being able to see women develop into reinvigorated, confident and positive individuals with clear, attainable, aims and targets. Most importantly, our women emerge from our 18 month programme with a heightened sense of self-worth and self-identity.'

(Pause Derbyshire Practitioner)


You can contact Pause Derbyshire and find the Pause referral form here.

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You can also find the national Pause website here.

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