"Creating Space for Change"

The Pause Derby Team work to break the cycle for women who have had their children removed from their care, and are at risk of future pregnancies which may have the same outcome. 

Pause aims to give women the opportunity to "Pause" and regain control of their lives by creating space for them to think about the issues behind the cycle.

The team aims to help the women build self-confidence and, with support, plan their future.

The Pause Derby Team, delivered by Ripplez

Our Pause Team

Our practitioners work with at-risk women to build resilience and self-esteem and to help resolve potential social issues, psychological and physical health issues, drug and alcohol problems and unstable lives.

We aim to understand experiences and help women reach a place where they can accept and come to an understanding of why their children are no longer in their care. Whilst ensuring that women avoid slipping back into damaging behaviour patterns or developing destructive coping strategies.

Pause Client with Molly, Pause, Pause Therapy Dog                                                                  

One of our women with Molly, the Pause therapy dog

Watch Jess, Pause Derby's Practice Lead, explain more:

You can contact Pause Derby and find the Pause referral form here.

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You can also find the national Pause website here.