About Jess: 

I'm Jess Jackson, and I'm the practice lead for Pause Derbyshire. I've been working with Pause, delivered by Ripplez in Derby City, for 18 months. 

What does PAUSE do? 

Pause works with women who have had recurrent removals of children from their care. These women often have multiple and complex needs ranging from housing issues, alcohol and substance mis-use and may have been involved with the police or with the court systems - they often feel as though they have little or no control over what is happening in their lives. 

While these women are parenting, multiple services, rightly, surround the family to ensure a safe and healthy environment for their children. However, if/when these children are removed from their mother's care, these services, understandably, begin to drop away. Here Pause steps in, offering mothers 18 months of therapeutic and holistic, practitioner-led support to help our mothers work on areas they themselves feel need development. The relationship between our practitioner and Pause mothers is at the core of the work we do.

We are understanding, seek to build a trusting and reliable relationship between practitioner and mother and, fundamentally, we are assertive in our outreach and dedicated to resolving the issues that need addressing. 

Why is it important?

The programme is vitally important. Firstly, Pause aims to help alleviate the number of vulnerable children who, once taken into care, often develop attachment and identity issues. We want to reduce the amount of children experiencing traumatic childhoods and needing to be introduced into the care system. 

Secondly, like all others, our mothers are fully entitled to a chance to achieve happiness and fulfilment in their lives. We believe our Pause programme offers our clients an opportunity to reach that. 

Finally, we address societal impacts. The women we work with access multiple services throughout their lives, all of which, naturally, come at a cost. We all have a responsibility to address that, and Pause does so by giving women at risk of repeated pregnancies the chance to take a breath, and take control of their lives. 

What do you find most rewarding in working for the Pause Program? 

One of the most rewarding aspects of my work is being able to see women develop into reinvigorated, confident and positive individuals with clear, attainable, aims and targets. Most importantly, our women emerge from our 18 month programme with a heightened sense of self-worth and self-identity. 

We are also seeing systemic changes across the city in services eager to work alongside Pause and Ripplez to engage with at-risk women in new and creative ways. 

If you would like to find out more about Pause Derbyshire, or if you would like to contact Pause, find our Pause referral forms or to self-refer, please follow the links below.

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