Since January 2015, Ripplez CIC has been in partnership with the YMCA to provide housing support for disadvantaged pregnant teenagers between the ages of 16-18.

The teenagers targeted under this support system are enrolled with Ripplez's Family Nurse Partnership (FNP) and are living in unsuitable accommodation, but not classed as statutory homeless. The funding for this project has been awarded through BBC Children In Need.

The teenage mum's and their babies on the Family Nurse Partnership Programme are disadvantaged through complex and unstable family backgrounds, which may involve mental health, drug, alcohol and domestic violence issues.

Finding and maintaining suitable housing is a constant problem for young mums on the FNP programme since 16-18 year olds are not eligible to apply for independent housing. Low incomes and lack of awareness of the options available to them makes it difficult for the teenage mums or their families to solve these problems alone. Resolving housing issues, however, enables the families and young mums the chance to begin addressing other needs.

Our housing worker works alongside the Family Nurses and aims to provide consistent non-judgemental and high quality, holistic support to our young clients to move in a planned way to independent living. 

This year the Independent Living Skills course has also been delivered on a monthly basis with great success. The Independent Living Skills course teaches young mums skills in preparation for independent living, while also offering mums the opportunity to socialise and form new relationships.

Alongside our goal to find suitable accommodation for our vulnerable teenage mums, the Housing Support programme also aims to: 

  • Improve the confidence of disadvantaged teenage Mums in Derby, ensuring they have the courage to resolve housing issues.
  • Enable better Independent Living Skills to maintain suitable accommodation.
  • Enable teen mums to have greater control over their lives.

Learn more about this housing support programme with one of our case studies.

If deemed suitable, your/a client's Family Nurse or Health Visitor will refer you/the client to the Housing Support Programme