Family First is based on the principles and ethos of several other home visiting programmes and has a target population of first-time mothers age 25 and under. The outcome aims are to ensure that Family First parents: 

  • Have a healthy pregnancy 

  • Become a knowledgeable, responsible and sensitive parent 

  • Develop positive health, social and economic outcomes for themselves and their children

The Family First model comprises 15 key visits with clients across the length of the programme (from pregnancy, up to the child being two and half years old) and the practitioner has the ability to signpost further services, if additional need is identified by using an action planning and goal setting approach. 


The Family First model also supports integration between Family Nurse Partnership (FNP), Family First (FF), the Derby Community Parent Programme (DCPP) and Universal Health Visiting Services.

The vision is to share learning, delivery style and tools from the Family First model with all 0-19 practitioners in Derbyshire, so that many more families can benefit at varying levels, dependent upon need.

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