* Above image does not depict family presented in this case study * 

Bernadette's Background: 

Bernadette* is 16 years old and expecting her first baby in four months time. She has a chaotic family background and is the eldest of six children. Social care have been involved with her younger siblings due to concerns about physical harm. Bernadette moved out of her family home due to overcrowding and a breakdown in her relationship with her mother. She has been living in temporary accommodation in the YMCA since she was 15. 

Younger age groups and single parents remain the most susceptible to homelessness according to the most recent Derby City homelessness figures

Bernadette's Situation:

Bernadette's boyfriend is the father of her child; he has also been living in the YMCA but has now had to move out and is effectively homeless. Due to her pregnancy, Bernadette has just moved into a shared house provided by Riverside English Churches. She has not completed a school year since Year 8 and has no GCSEs or vocational qualifications. Bernadette feels that she didn't fit in at school and that her problems at home affected her ability to attend and learn. At her own request, Bernadette has become a looked after child and has a social worker to support her. 

Ripples is working in partnership with the YMCA Derbyshire and BBC Children in Need, who fund specialist housing workers aiming to secure safe habitation

How Ripplez Helped Bernadette: 

Bernadette is articulate and bright and wants to gain qualifications. She has engaged enthusiastically with the Family Nurse Partnership programme and she was very interested in the learning materials in her FNP pregnancy folder. She was excited to hear that she could gain accreditation for her learning with the FNP, an accreditation programme she has since enrolled with and that she has begun to complete with work relating to her pregnancy, diet and development of her baby. 

Ripplez and its DCPP volunteer service offers training for volunteers who can gain experience and skills in family care alongside first-hand contact with a range of healthcare and family care professionals

Bernadette has said that she would eventually like to go to college and fulfil her ambitions to gain qualifications in hairdressing. Bernadette now attends all of her antenatal appointments and has just asked for help to quit smoking. 

*Names have been changed.