The Housing Support for Teenage Mums Project is delivered through a long-standing partnership between Ripplez CIC and the YMCA Derbyshire. It is funded by BBC Children In Need.


Mia was recruited to the Ripplez Family Nursing Programme (FNP) when she was 17 years old and 16 weeks pregnant. Mia was living at home with her parents but in overcrowded and damp housing. Their home was cold, sparse and cluttered with old and redundant furniture. Mia's mother suffered from mental health difficulties and the family often clashed. Mia's relationship with her partner broke down and he could no longer live at Mia's family home. The stress and anxiety arising from this situation naturally had an impact on Mia's mental health. 

How Ripplez and the YMCA were able to help: 

After completing an Early Help Assessment, Mia's family nurse made a direct referral to Ripplez Teen Housing Adviser. Mia was supported to move to a family friend's home once she had her baby. At this address the Housing Advisor visited Mia on numerous occasions and helped her in various ways.

Firstly, the Housing Adviser liaised with Derby City Council to negotiate a payment to the host family to prevent Mia from becoming homeless. The Housing Adviser also attended appointments at the Council with Mia and pressed her to get sooner and more urgent appointments due to the seriousness of the situation. Mia was supported when making a homelessness application and in getting the appropriate benefits in place. The Housing Adviser was also able to organise and accompany Mia to housing viewings, assisted Mia in claiming for housing benefits, helped her find furnishings for her new home, referred to the Hope Centre, and provided ongoing budgeting support.

In 2018, the Housing Advisor to Teenage Mums supported 30 clients, 27 have children under 2 and 3 were pregnant. 

How is Mia now?  

Mia has made significant progress in improving her living conditions and providing a safe environment to live in and meet the needs of her child. She is living independently with her partner and her child and takes great pride in keeping her accommodation clean and tidy. She is in regular contact with her parents and is able to offer them support when possible. She also has a stronger relationship with her parents and reports that her mother's mental health has improved. Her parents have also moved into more suitable accommodation. Mia is also aiming to return to complete her apprenticeship in the near future.  

Our Impact:

The family no longer have any input from Social Care and Mia is a competent, confident and loving mother to her child, meeting all of her child's needs. 

With the support of the Ripplez Housing Worker, funded by BBC Children In Need, and the support of Mia's Family Nurse, Mia has been able to develop her parenting and mothering skills at the same time as find suitable family accommodation.

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