Our Strategic Objectives

Ripplez Strategic Objectives

Establish Ripplez as the provider of choice to deliver FNP and Evidenced Based Parenting Support Services in the East Midlands.

  1. Maintain current contracts in Derby, Derbyshire, Worcestershire & East Staffordshire.
  2. Pilot new evidence based approaches building on current research and experience.
  3. Develop Peer Mentoring Model as an affiliate with Parents 1st

Improve Ripplez Outcomes and Quality

  1. Develop and embed a culture of continuous improvement within the workforce and at Board level.
  2. Increase caseload and reach to young parents.
  3. Ensure improved outcomes in key performance areas

Establish Wavez Charity to benefit future generations.

  1. Agree a fundraising strategy with charity trustees


  1. Secure funding for new initiative and generate income for future financial sustainability and efficiency.
  2. Review new business requirements to ensure Business Management Team is fit for purpose
  3. Develop a menu of sold services to attract funding from LA’s/CCG’s/Schools

Reduce inequalities

  1. By ensuring children are ready for school and developing opportunities to promote aspiration for parents.